Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sweden : 10 Early issues - Gustav, Gustav and Gustav

Guess who I will discuss in this topic?
Olav? Lars? No, it will be Gustav.

In 1920, King Gustav V appreared on a new design.
It's a limited series of 3 stamps, depicting King Gustav V with full face.
The 3 stamps are 10 öre, 15 öre and 20 öre.

The 10 and 20 öre exist perforated vertically and on 4 sides, the 15 öre only perforated vertically.
Both 10 and 20 öre can be found with and without wavy-lines watermark, the 15 öre is unwatermarked.

More Gustav ...

Also in 1920, a single stamp of Gustav II Adolf, of 20 öre is emitted.
The stamp can be found perforated vertically and on all sides; both with and without watermark.
The ones with watermark are more valuable.

And finally... Gustav ...

One year later, in 1921, another "Gustav" appears on Swedish stamps.
This time it's Gustav I Eriksson Vasa, in remembrance of the 400th anniversary of the Liberation War (ca. 1550).
This stamp comes in 3 values, 20 öre, 110 öre and 140 öre.
All perforated vertically only and with and without watermark.

The 20 öre stamp (not depicted) is the most valuable of the 3.

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