Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweden : 11a Early issues - My kingdom for a crown

It should have been 'my kingdom for a horse', but since there are no horses depicted on this series, I had to swap the horse for a crown.

A well-known set from Sweden, is the 'crown and posthorn' series.
On first sight, there are 14 different stamps in this set, going from 35 öre to 145 öre.
But if you have a closer look, there is much more to be discovered.

35 öre yellow

Type 1

The 35 öre yellow, was issued in 1922 and reprinted in 1925.
The second printing was slightly different then the first printing, so that makes the stamp devide into two types.

Type 1 - issued in 1922, cancelled in 1925
If we have a closer look to the 'öre' at the right bottom of the stamp, we'll see a curvy line of the 'R'
in type 2, this line is straightened.
detail 1, curvy line in 'öre'

Next to the 'T' in the word 'POST', the grid of the background is incomplete, resulting in a white spot, next to the 'T". This was corrected in the 1925 version.
detail 2, white spot next to T upper right corner
Type 2
Type 2, issued in 1925
two details of the corrected errors from the 1st issue :

detail 1, straightened line in the 'R'

detail 2, no white spot in the grid next to the 'T'

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