Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweden : 11b Early issues - My kingdom for a crown

The second value of the 'crown and posthorn' series, is the 40 öre.

This stamp was printed in two versions as well (see 35 öre).
The first printing, July 1920 was corrected shortly after in November of the same year and from that second version, also an additional print was released in 1923.

40 öre

Type 1

40 öre, type 1 (July 1920),

details of type 1:
straight line under '4'
no additional decoration in the left side of the crown
Type 2

The printing of November 1920 is light blackish olive-green, the version of October 1923 is light olive-green.
Value of the 1920 T2 is about 4 times the value of the 1923 T2. (according Facit - catalogue)

Type 2 (Oct. 1923)
Type 2 (Nov. 1920)

details of the type 2:
bottom line of the '4' is not a straight line
additional line in left side decoration of the crown

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