Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Microstates : 13 República Saharaui (bogus)

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)‎  is a partially recognised state that claims sovereignty over the entire territory of Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony. SADR was proclaimed by the Polisario Front on February 27, 1976 in Bir Lehlu, Western Sahara. The SADR government currently controls about 20-25% of the territory it claim.s It calls the territories under its control the Liberated Territories or the Free Zone. Morocco controls and administers the rest of the disputed territory and calls these lands its Southern Provinces. The SADR government considers the Moroccan-held territory occupied territory, while Morocco considers the much smaller SADR held territory to be a buffer zone.

48 countries have recognised the SADR as an independent country.
However no European state has diplomatic relations with the SADR.
Important countries, such as India and Peru, have even redrawn their diplomatic relations with the SADR.
Other countries (such as Colombia and Paraguay) are waiting till a political solution is found for the disputed area.

What about UPU ?
The 'state' isn't recognised by UPU, so unfortunatly, it sould be considered as 'bogus'.

It wasn't so hard to find out, since all the stamps of Saharaui (formerly Spanish Sahara) are CTO cancelled, and have typical designs and printing qualities as most CTO emitting countries in the 70's and 80's (Laos, Nicaragua, Cuba, ...)
The shown 'stamps' cinderellas are in old spanish 'pesetas'.

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