Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 07

Greek postal services dedicated in 2005 a set of stamp to 'old cars'.
Maybe 'old' is not the right word, since a mini cooper is also in the set.
It's dedicated to 'famous' cars, let's say.
Of course the good old 'Volkswagen Beetle' had to be in the set as well.
The particular stamp has the second highest value of the set ( € 2,25).

The stamp shows a 'split window' beetle, the first type of commercialised Volkswagens.
The nice thing is, it's a real picture of a real existing Beetle, and so it looks like in excellent condition.
It has an open roof, so it's already a luxurious model.
In detail, the splitted window can clearly be seen.

This is a very nice set and especially a very niceVolkswagen Beetle stamp.
Thanks, Greece,
ευχαριστίες !


Anonymous said...

A stamp should be issued i honour of Renault Twingo !!!

Juan M.

Rainbow Stamps And Coins said...

I should delete this comment, I drive Renault Clio :-)
and Volkswagen Beetle of course


i will give you one more detail for that series... the booklet of that stamps have a litle one detail, the 2.85e one if you see at the down corner on the right there is a signature , you will found her only in the alone stamp in the booklet sheet there is no excist... this is from karamitsos catalogue 2011...!!!!!nice if i helped you!!!!! said...

Thanks for the useful information.
The stamps you see are the ones I have. (no signature :( )
but you made me curious, so i will look for it.