Sunday, July 10, 2011

Collecting : My collection 01 b

Of course there aren't only european stamps in this world.
After I completed the list of european states, countries, regions... I searched the internet for all asian countries.
The list was not less impressive.

There might be discussions if a certain number of states should be european countries or asian.
Same for some islands that can be considered in the asian or the oceanic continent.
Pardon me, if your country is (according my list) in the wrong continent. I got my information mainly from the internet.

The colour is yellow in my excel file, but the albums for all asian stamps/coins/banknotes is brownish.
The list starts with a 2 (1 was taken for Europe already).

example :
(0)21001 = Iran
(0)21501 = U.A.E. Abu Dhabi
(0)21502 = U.A.E. Ajman State
(0)22401 = India - as a British colony
(0)22402 = India after independency
(0)22501 = India princial states ...
(0)22601 = India feodal states ...

and so on...



Manuel, Do you have all these stamps?

Rainbow Stamps And Coins said...

Hi, how I wish to have them.
I only made a list of all countries that I know, or that exists.
All entitities that issued stamps in the past or now.
Just a list to make it easier to sort out all stamps I have, or ever will have, or a guideline for missing lists.
Only the stamps that are shown in my blog, are in my collection (unless mentionned otherwise).