Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweden : 09b Early issues 1920-34 Standing Lion ( 10 öre and others)

It took me a couple of days to go through my stock of 'standing lion' stamps of Sweden.
At least, after I got a specialised catalogue, before, I had, "one of each", like most collectors.
Now I have "one of each" again, yet there are double as much as before.

Some help on determinating the 10 öre

The 10 öre green has only one version (type 1) - the violet 10 öre, comes in two types (type 1 and type 2)

for the green 10 öre,  there's a coil stamp (perf. 10 vertically) with, and without watermark, and a coil stamp (perf. 13 vertically) with watermark only.
there is also a regular stamp (perf. 10), again with and without watermark
as said, all 10 öre green stamps are type 1

coil stamp (p. 10 v) in pair
The 10 öre violet can be of type 1 or type 2

Type 1 has 4 lines on the tigh of the right leg of the lion
Type 2 has a 5th short line on the tigh

type 1
type 2
This type 1 comes in 2 coil stamps (perf. 10 or 13 vertically), and one regular stamp (perf. 10),
the coil  stamp (perf. 13) can be found with or without watermark.

The type 2 was emitted as a coil stamp (perf. 10 vertically) and can be with or without watermark.
The regular stamp is perforated 10.
Both coil stamp and the regular one were also emitted on white paper.
The coil stamp was also reprinted on white paper, perf. 13 without watermark.
T 1 - coil stamp (p. 10)

T 2 - coil stamp (p. 10) white paper
T 2  - coil stamp (p. 10) tainted paper

T 1 regular stamp (p. 10)

T2 regular stamp (p. 10) white paper
T2 regular stamp (p. 10) tainted paper

Finally, two last issues : 25 öre and 30 öre:

The 25 öre was only emitted as a coil stamp (perf. 10 vertically),
the 30 öre came as a coil stamp (perf. 10) with and without watermark; and as a regular stamp (perf. 10)
Those stamps are all of type 1

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