Sunday, July 10, 2011

Collecting : My collection 01 e

For the last continent, Australia (or the Oceanic region) I chose green as the colour in my excel file and also green for all albums with oceanic stamps.
The list might still be incomplete, but it's a good start.
There might be discussions about what island belongs to the Oceanic area, and which one to Asia.
I did my research on wikipedia, and we all know that might not be entirly correct.
Suggestions are welcome.

Some of the countries or territories on my list haven't issued stamps, but are recognised as independent territories, or belong to a certain country. Some are listed in red, because I'm still working on that list.

As this is my fifth listing, it starts with a 5.

Examples :
(0)50101 = Australian States : New South Wales
(0)50102 = Australian States : Queensland
(0)50201 = Australia
(0)50704 = Vanuatu


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