Sunday, July 3, 2011

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 06

In the 4th post, I have uploaded some pictures of San Marino stamps regarding the theme of Volkswagen Beetle.
This was not the only issue the small state brought us.
In 2004, a small booklet was emitted, to commemorate 50 years of Volkswagen Italia, and 30 years of the Volkswagen Golf.
On the cover we see a brand new Volkswagen Golf and a small picture of the stamps inside the booklet.
Once unfolded on the left we find the 'current' postal prices of San Marino, to Italy, Europe and the world (split up into 2 zones), on the right hand side, again a form, this time to win the Golf.
In the middle we find the 4 stamps.

Two of them show the modern Golf, ont the other two (looking similiary), we see an old Volkswagen Beetle and the New Beetle on a background the number 50 is written.

Good thing they wrote "50 years of Volkswagen Italia"both in bold and normal characters.
If not the word : 'genitalia' can be read, which has nothing to do with this issue.

Nevertheless again a nice stamp with my favourite Volkswagen Beetle on.

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