Friday, April 8, 2011

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The Volkswagen Beetle

In the late 20's of the 20th century, the German nazi-leader Hitler, came up with the idea of a car, affordable by any German family. The car should be decent, solid and under the price of 1000 German Marks.
Although the idea seemed unattainable, Ferdinand Porche, managed to create a car within the given limits.

The initially by F. Porche called 'Porche Type 60', was officially named the KdF-Wagen by Hitler, when the project was lauched. The name refers to : Kraft durch Freude ('Strength Through Joy'), the official leisure organization in the Third Reich. In order to obtain a car, families could save 5 German Marks per week on a 'saving card'. No one ever managed to get a full card, and because of the second World War, the KdF-Wagen never came into production. In order to promote the car and the automobile and motorcycle exhibition in 1939, Germany issued a set of stamps of which the 25 + 10 pfennig was the highest value.

Other issues with Volkswagen Beetle : April 16, 1971 (the year Volkswagen sold over 1,3 million !! Volkswagen Beetles). Germany introduces new traffic rules. On the FDC a picture of a Volkswagen Beetle is shown while applying the new rules.

Finally, in 2002, a set of 5 stamps were issued. They depict some of the most famous cars. A Volkswagen Beetle is shown on a 55 + 25 pfenning stamp.

The legend goes on...

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