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Sweden : 04 Early issues 1891 - 1903

Oscar Frederik van Bernadotte, prince of Sweden, was born on January 1829.  At the age of 30, his father Oscar I died. His eldest son, Charles XV who was only 13 years old, succeeded the thrones of Sweden and Norway. (Who said multi tasking is a recent invention?)
Charles XV died in 1872 without male descendents. Oscar II succeeded the throne on 18 September of the same year.
Oscar made the effort of learning to be fluent in Norwegian and from the very beginning he realized the essential difficulties in the maintenance of the union between the two countries. The political events which led up to the peaceful dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905 could hardly have been attained but for the tact and patience of the king himself. He was dethroned on 7 June 1905 by the Norwegian Parliament and renounced the Norwegian throne on 26 October. He declined, indeed, to permit any prince of his house to become king of Norway, but better relations between the two countries were restored before his death, which occurred in Stockholm on 8 December 1907.

From 1891 on, a set of stamps depicting the King, were issued. A specialised catalogue, such as FACIT is needed to determinate the minor colour shifts beween each individual issue.
Scans and screen resolutions are too limited to show you yellow-green, yellowish-green, deepgreen, bluish-green or bluish green-blue... for example.

A short overview of the last series issued in the 19th century in Sweden.

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