Saturday, April 16, 2011

Odd stamps : 01a Perfumed stamps

In my neverlasting search of special items, i can't forget 'odd' stamps.
Altough this first post on 'odd' stamps isn't that odd. Trust me, in further post, the oddness of the stamps or what they supposed to be is truly unbelievable.

In this post, I want to show (smelling in yet not available in internet) a sheet of France, dedicated to chocolate.
It's a wonderful sheet, in the shape of a chocolate bar, with different designed stamps.
It smells like chocolate, but it doesn't taste like it.

India has recently started to emit scented stamps too. Everytime I open the album, a fresh odour of jasmine, sandalwood and roses encounters my nose.



Let me know if you need these or other Sheets/stamps of India. said...

There are still a lot i'm missing, so all you have in double is welcome


Do you know how to get these missing sheets?