Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Microstates : 02 Redonda (cinderellas)

Redonda is a small island in the Caribean Sea. It's next to St. Kitts & Nevis and Antigua and the Island of Monserrat. All islands, but thrustworthy stamp issuing 'countries'. Redonda however is a different story.
Kaart Redonda en omgeving

The island of Redonda is not larger as 1,3 km², and in fact it's nothing much more than a rock in the sea.

It was discovered by Columbus on his second journey to the New World, in 1493. However, the Spanish weren't  much impressed by the island.
Matthew Shiell, an Irishman who lived on Monserrat, claimed the island in 1865. He crowned himself king, and the island is known as the Kingdom of Redonda. Shorly after, the British Empire took over Redonda, as a part of the Antigua island. And altough there's nothing much to do or to gain on Redonda, it happened to be a popular place for birds.
They must have tought, if it doesn't make sense, at least it should make money, and in 1890 3 to 4 tons of phosphate were gained yearly on the island. It lasted till the start of the first World War. Since then the island is deserted again.

In 1979 the first stamps of Redonda, were Antiguan stamps with an overprint. There are stories about a postoffice on the rock of Redonda, but those stamps were only valid on Antigua.
Now you'll find more stamps with the name of Redonda. Since there 's no one actually living on Redona, and since it's still part of Antigua. Redondan stamps should be considered as cinderellas.



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Those 'labels' are very popular and much wanted for their topics.
But as you see, they are not real stamps, as they have no postal value.