Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Odd stamps : 03a 3D stamps (moving)

My thrird post on odd stamps, is really 'odd'.
There are some stamps made in 3D, where a small movie is shown.
One of them, a Ddutch stamp of 2011, is recognised as the 'shortest' movie in history.
It's a 3D stamp, showing a lady that puts her finger in her mouth. Not really an education story however.
The actress (Carice van Houten) puts her middlefinger in her mouth. The movie last about 1 second.
For those who like odd stamps, or odd movies, it's a thing to have. For the rest... i've seen better.

Another, better example, is an Swiss stamp, showing a group of people sitting in the park.
The story starts when the first person whispers something in the ear of the person next to him. Then the whispered  message goes further on, until the last person in the row. Very nice stamp and a lovely presentation of 'communication'. It last a bit longer then a second, to see the whole 'movie' but, i choose this story above the previous one.

Another good version is an Austrian stamp. A footballplayer (Andy Herzog) is depicted, scoring a decicive goal for Austria. the stamp is devided into 2 parts. One for the footballplayer whilst scoring, the other side of the stamps shows the goalkeeper, missing the ball. One fine example of an odd, but still tasteful stamp.

Finally another sport-stamp. The French postal services emitted a rugby player on a 3D stamp.
Here you see the ball leaving the foot of the player, until he kind of get kicked out of the stamp.
Amazing what  is possible on a stamp. And a very nice tribute to the world rugby games in 2007.

All stamps are printed on cardboard paper and are quite tick. Because of their rather unusual character and facevalue, they are of course selden seen in used condition. They are also made out of some kind of plastic, which means that cancellations have to be done with firm ink, or else the cancellation might be dissapearing after a while.

For those who love it, a must, for those who don't love it, rather a gimmic, but fun for sure.

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