Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweden : 01 Early issues

Kingdom of Sweden (Konungariket Sverige): one of the Scandinavian countries in Northern Europa. Next to Norway and Finland. Both islands Öland en Gotland belong to Sweden. Capital and largest city is Stockholm.
Sweden started to issue stamps in 1885. Sweden has (accidentally) emitted the most valuable stamp ever. The first stamp of 3 skilling was emitted in the colour of the 8 skilling stamp (yellow). As for now, only ONE stamp has been found. For those who wonder... it's not in my collection.

To determinate old stamps, (especially the different types and the various variations in printing or colour, i always try to get a local catalogue, next to the world catalogues as Scott, Gibbons, Yvert or Michel.
The "Facit" specialised, issued in Swedish and English, is a must for discovering swedish stamps. In the catalogue you will also find Norway, Denmark, Färoër, Greenland, Danish Westindies, Finland, Iceland and Åland.

Depicted are some swedish stamps out of the second emission, the ones from 1858 - 1870.
I always try to get the best possible stamp, (who doesn't), i chose the shown stamps for their general appearance as well as for the cancellations.

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