Friday, April 22, 2011

Odd stamps : 04a 3D stamps (static)

The 3D dynamic stamps (with moving pictures) are indeed very impressive. But with recent printing techniques, a lot is possible.
In the early 70's of the 20th century, the asian state of Bhutan, was world leader in emitting odd stamps.
In what follows, i'll show you 2 series of static 3D stamps. Static, because the image doesn't really move.
It gives you a 3D simulation of an object and it's background.

Although it might not be as impressive anymore as it was in the 70's, it's still a fine piece of printwork.
I wonder how Bhutani people must have experienced those stamps in those days.

The first series i show in this post, emitted in 1970, is a set of 13 wildlife animals. The set has commemorative and airmail stamps.
They're all printed on hard plastic paper. All unperforated and protected with a paper foil on the back.
After removing the paper foil, the stamp was ready to be used on an envelope.

Secondly, also from Bhutan, a set with vintage cars. Very nice, and surely wanted by theme collectors.

This is surely not the last post of Bhutani stamps. The country is undoubtable world record holder in odd stamps.
But that will be for a later post.

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