Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweden : 02 Early issues

Swedish stamps issued between 1862 and 1872.
Shown in n° 13 and 16 according Scott catalogue. For Michel it's 14 type II and 16a (twice cheapest versions).
Yvert is 12 and 15; in the local FACIT catalogue it becomes 14B (cheapest version) and 20). Both stamps in pretty good condition, except for a tooth missing on the 20 öre-stamp. When i'll be 135 years old, i'll be missing some teeth too i guess.

The difference between Facit 14A and 14B can be determinated by the right upper corner.
The ornament, decorating the design under the frame, follows the frame and then goes downwards into a curl.
With the 14B it's like this.
The 14A version has an extended line, following the frame. As if the curl downwards starts some milimeters before the horizontal line that proceeds the curl ends.
Type A was only printed 709.200 times, type B 10,5 million times. In the detail you see a 14B.
There's a variation which has a print on both sides. Other errors are various colour spots and lines.

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