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Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 15

I never knew that stamp collecting should be complicated, but for the next item, some additional information is needed.

I start my story in the First World War.
By the end of that war, the region I talking about was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
In 1918, the Union of Austria and Hungary is solved and next to both countries, other nations are formed.
One of them is the the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. It was established on 1 December 1918 by the union of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs and the Kingdom of Serbia (to which the Kingdom of Montenegro was annexed on 13 November 1918).
On 3 October 1929, the Kingdom was renamed into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. This remained until 1941, when it came under communist influence.

From 1943 to 1992 on this country changed it name several times.
1943 - 45 : Federal Democtatic Republic of Yugoslavia,
1945 - 63 : Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia,
1963 - 92 : Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

The constituent six Socialist Republics and two Socialist Autonomous Provinces that made up the country were: SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SR Croatia, SR Macedonia, SR Montenegro, SR Slovenia and SR Serbia (including the autonomous provinces of Vojvodina and Kosovo which after 1974 were largely equal to the other members of the federation.
This was the Yugoslavia know under Josip Broz (Tito)

Marchal Tito
From 1992 on, a lot of wars and declarations of Independencies result in a wide range of states :
Countries created from the former Yugoslavia:
A  =Adriatic Sea

Ok, I hope everyone is still following.

For the post of today, which is about 'Volkswagen Beetle'...
I'm showing stamps from the 'Serbian Republic' (3b in my table) - this is not the independent republic of Serbia, but an autonomous region in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Within Bosnia)-Herzegovina, each region has it's own postal services.

And now, finally, the post of today :-)

The Republic of Serbia emitted in 2009 a set of stamps on famous old cars.
Among the chosen ones we'll find : Fiat 500; Citroën 2CV and of course, my beloved Volkswagen Beetle.
Production dates are mentioned on a tab next to the stamp, each with a detail of the depiced car.
For the Volkswagen Beetle we find : 1938 - 2003.

on top : Bosnia I Herzegovina - Republic Serbia at the bottom "Buba" - Serbian for Bug (Beetle)

Detail of the tab

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