Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Collecting : my collection 02b

Last time, (previous entry) I told about the European part of my collection.
As 'DAVO' albums are quite expensive, and not always available for non-European countries, I chose to make my own albums.
But first my books for my 'cancelled' collection.
I use regular stockbooks for this part of my collection. Again I stick to the colours I mentionned before in my country list. Asia is there shown in yellow, but for the album I don't have sufficient yellow albums of course.
So I use brownish albums.
In the pic below, I only have Iran and Thailand finished so far.
In my 'green' part (Australia and Pacific) I only started my album 'Papua New Guinea'.

Stockbooks - cancelled Asia and Papua
So how about my MNH stamps?
I told you that preprinted albums are (or can be quite expensive).
Making your own album takes more time, but is more fun of course.
There are several websites that offer free, or paid preprinted albums.
With a simple subscription, and a little fee (or free for certain countries), I made my own albums.
They are all in so called 'display books' with transparent pockets.
I chose 'neutral books' and not the coloured version, because not all desired colours were available, and in case one colour gets out of stock, I don't have to renew all album.

I'm still working step by step to those albums, but a little example for my India-collection.
Again, this books are only for my MNH collection (outside Europe):

Display books - India (part 1, 2, 3) - self made cover

Display album inside - Early issues of India
Display album inside - Modern India

Various display albums

Various display albums

Of course, this takes a lot of time, but ... i'm working on it.
the horizontal papers are albums that aren't finished yet...

bottom shelf, in the middle ... to be done...

to be continued ...


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Rainbow Stamps And Coins said...

Hehe, thanks
one remark, all those albums are not complete of course.
There are many missing stamps, but I'm young :p I have time to fill them up.

Kelvin hongkong said...

like a library!!! wowow!