Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Collecting : my collection 02c

Enough talking about the stamps. This blog is also about coins and banknotes.
Thus, a picture of my banknote collection. Also here, I respect the colour codes; blue for Europe, yellow (here cream colour) for asia ...

Banknote albums and coins

This collection is not as elaborated as my stamp collection, but still...
A picture of one of the albums I randomly chose : Laos.

detail of my Laos banknote collection
Small detail, the pages of cardboard paper that are put between the transparent banknote pages, are in the colour of the albums. If it hasn't got style, it hasn't got style, right :-)

My coin collection is rather limited, as I'm not really specialised in it.
Most successful is my Euro-coin collection.

Since Euro was introduced, a large number of preprinted albums for collecting euro coins are available.
I chose neutral albums (blue of course, since it's for Europe); but witht he € - logo on the albums.

Cover Euro coins
Inside Euro coins album

There's still a lot of work to be done on those albums too.
Especially for the coins other then euro coins.

to be continued

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