Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brazil : 02a Early issues - transition to the republic

Emperor Don Pedro II ruled over Brasil until 1889, when the army took over power.
In the last years of his reign, a set of stamps were issued without the image of the emperor.

There are several designs in this set.
The first design is quite simple, a number in a circle.
But there's more to discover than you would expect.

20 Reis

The 20 reis stamp came in two versions.
The first issued stamp (1884) is in dark green, also called 'russian green'.
Although it's not an expensive stamp, I only have a damaged copy.

Scott BR 0087
A similar stamp was emitted in 1877 in olive to yellowish-olive. This stamp is a bit cheaper, but there's something about the stamp that makes it a valuable variation.

Under the 20, the "R"  of reis is shown.
In the variation, there is a "dot" in the "R".
The catalogues warn us, as only genuine stamps with a certificate (and with a dot of course) are to be trusted.

I discovered a 'dotted' R in my collection, but since there's no according certificate, i can't tell for sure if it's a variation or a forged reprint. Above that, the cancel on the stamp makes it less easy to get a closer look on the stamp.
Luckily, a scanner and a computer made it easier for me...

Scott BR 0087a
Scott BR 0087a var

Left is the 'normal' one, right the variation with the dot.
Let's have a closer look :

without dot
with dot (?)
comparing positions

The 'dotted' version has a value up to 8 times the value of a stamp without dot.
The stamp I have might be a fake one, but therefore I need to let it examined by an expert.

50 Reis

Similar to the 20 reis stamp,  a 50 reis stamp was emitted in 1887.
This stamp is ultramarin blue. The number 50 and the "R", are coloured on a white field.

Scott BR 0093
700 Reis

For the 700 reis the circle around the number is more like a flower.
Together with the 1000 reis, this is a key value for the whole set.  (for the mint stamps, the 1000 reis and the 'dotted' 20 reis are the key values).

Unfortunatly, my copy of the 700 reis is damaged as well. Nevertheless I'm posting it, so you can all have a look at this nice violet stamp that was emitted in October 1888.

Scott BR 0097 - damaged


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