Friday, November 11, 2011

Microstates : 16 Eynhallow (bogus)

The neverending story continues...

For a change, let's go to Scotland. I really like the Scottish, and they have a beautiful coutry, but when it comes to stamps ...

Eynhallow is an uninhabited island off the north coast of Scotland. It is part of the Orkney Islands, but is privately owned and is currently a bird sanctuary. 

Orkney Island - Northern Scotland
Eynhallow at the western side of Rousay (main island)
The stamps of Eynhallow have no postal validity within the UK and thus attract postage due charges if used without current UK stamps.
As for most cinderellas of that region, (and cinderellas in general) the main topics on the 'stamps' are nature, transport, historic figures and so on.
I recently got some sheets with those cinderellas and they are all showing ships. Although no philatelic value, theme collectors seems to be attracted to them, as an additional asset to their collection.

Eynhallow labels

Eynhallow labels

Eynhallow labels

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