Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Collecting : my collection 02a

As I just welcomed the 5.000 th visitor, I think it's time to post more about my own collection.
For those who read the first articles about 'my collection', I tried to explain the 'logic' I'm putting in my collection, using different colours for putting an order in my countries.
This isn't for no reason.
The colours are connected to the albums I use for my stamps, banknotes and coins.

As I took 'blue' for all European countries, this is reflected in my stamp, coins and banknote albums:
Davo Albums (Europe - MNH)
Davo Albums (Europe - MNH)
Davo Albums (Berlin - MNH)
Davo Albums (Berlin - MNH) - detail)
Davo Albums (Berlin - MNH) - detail)

For my cancelled collection, I don't use the 'expensive' DAVO albums.
I just use stockbooks.
Again blue for Europe, the other colours for the other continents :

Stockbooks - Europe - Cancelled

The whole set of (already sorted out) albums.

to be continued

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