Thursday, December 17, 2015

Banknotes of Russia 07

The final note in the 1905-12 set is without any doubt the most impressive of them all.
It is also one of the larger notes in my collection.

The note is as large as 272 x 126 mm. Therefore it is difficult to find t in unfolded condition.
Most notes are folded in 4 or even 8.
Folded into 4, it equals the size of a € 10 note!
Russia N°14 - 500 rubles 1912
Russia N°14 - 500 rubles 1912 back
When we take a closer look at the front side of the note, we see the year of issue 1912 (n°1) in the frame untherneath the value.
Year of issue 1912
On top of the same frame, we see the monogram of  Czar Nicholas II (H in Russian - n°4)
N II (Nicholas II) - H in Russian
n°2 shows the full serial number and n°3 the signatures, similar to those on the other notes of the set.
The serial number was printed separately from the note, as you can clearly see on the location of the serial number on two different notes.

different position of serial number on two similar notes
The signature can be Konshin or Shipov. The first signature has three times the value of a Shipov's note.
Konshin or Shipov signature
two Shipov notes with different cashiers' signatures
On the back side of the note, as well as in the watermark, Peter the Great (Czar Peter I) is depicted.
He ruled the Russian Czardom and later the Russian Empire. He ruled until his death on 8 February 1725.
He died at the age of 52 years.
Peter the Great on 500 rubles - Russia  N°4
Peter the Great painted by Delaroche
On the right hand side of Peter the Great, an impressive lady figures. She is holding a scepter with the Imperial eagle on the top.
Lady figure on 500 ruble  - 1912
Imperial Eagle
And as if the note is n't impressive enough, the number "500" appears not less then 15 times on the note.
Just to make sure it's  a 500 rubles note. I doubt however if many Russians ever saw that note in their time.
Representing more or less 2 year income for most labourers, this note only circulated among the rich or to do larger transactions..

So far the 1905-1912 set of banknotes. Other to follow in later posts.

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