Sunday, December 13, 2015

Banknotes of Russia 03

Previously I wrote something about the 3 rubles banknotes of Russia, issued between 1905 and 1912.
In the same set, there's also a 5 rubles note.
This note has exactly the same size as the 3 rubles note, but there is more to say about this note.

5 rubles 1905 - N°10
This note was issued in 1909 and in 1917. Basic design is the same for both notes, and they are easy to recognise by the serial number / series number.

On both issues 1909 (N° 10) and 1917 (N° 35) we see the date 1909 on the top ornament (detail 1).

detail 5 rubles
For the first issue (similar to the 1 ruble note of 1898 and 1915), the oldest note has a full serial number, where the later issue has a series number (see detail 2).
full serial number - N°10
series number - N° 35
For the 1917 issue, series numbers start at YA 001 till YA 043
Higher series numbers (such as in the example above, YA 044 - 200 and Yb 401 - 500 were issued under Sovjet Government.

The first issue comes in two signatures of the State Bank Director, Konshin till 1912 and Shipov.
Konshin and Shipov signature
The oldest signature (Konshin) is worth more then the newer signature.
Besides one of those signatures, a variety of 13 cashiers' signatures can be found.
Signature variations on N°10
Signature variations on N°35
Finally a picture of the back side of the note, that is again the same for both issues.

back side of N°10 and N°35
to be continued ...

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