Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Banknotes of Russia 05

For this item on Russian banknotes, I continue the 1909-1912 set.

The 25 rubles note is already a large banknote (178 x 108 mm).
In 1909 25 rubles represented more or less 10% of the average year income of a Russian worker.
As the people of Saint Petersburg were 'better' off, let's say for them, 25 rubles was a monthly income.
1 ruble equals 100 kopeks. 15 kopeks was needed to buy one pound of second quality meat.

Although the banknote relatively has a high value, the catalogue prices are quite low as the banknote was printed in large amount.

front side of 25 rubles note in 1909
The 25 rubles note was only issued in one version, dated 1909 (N°1).
It has a full serial number (N°2).

The signatures are similar to the other notes in this set.
Similar to the previous issues, the Shipov signature (N°3) is more common.
2 signatures on the 25 rubles note (1909)
Under the Konshin (or Shipov) signature, a variety of cashiers' signatures can be found.
Shipov and cashier signature 1909
The back side of the note looks quite empty. The colour pattern goes from carmin red on the left to deep green on the right size.
The red area looks empty, but there we can find the watermark. This watermark is the portrait of Czar Alexander III, witch is repeated on the right (green) part of the note.

back side of 25 rubles 1909
portrait of Czar Alexander III

Besides the 3, 5, 10 and 25 rubles note, this set has two more notes...
To be continued...

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