Saturday, December 12, 2015

Banknotes of Russia 02

In 1905 a new set of banknotes was issued.
As the notes previous to 1905 are quite expensive, and not (yet) in my collection, I go from n°1 directly to n°9.  A banknote of 3 ruble.

3 is not a common denomination on banknotes. But in Russia, and also in Bulgaria, a 3 ruble note (3 leva in Bulgaria) has been issued.
Did  you know by the way, there was once a 4 dollar bill in Canada?

Back to the item of today...

Russian banknotes in the early 20th century are a pleasure to look at.
Very colourful and with an overwhelming bombastic design.

This note, unlike the one in the previous post, only comes in one shape, but with 3 different basic signatures.

3 rubles 1905
If we take a closer look, we see at first (n°1) the monogram of Czar Nicholas II.
Monogram of Czar Nicholas II
N°2 shows the serial number. This banknote only comes with full serial numbers.
N°3 is the signature of the State Bank Director, wich comes in 3 varieties.

The oldest signature, equals the most valuable note.
Again, like in the previous post, the Shipov signature is the most common.

Konshin signature
Shipov signature
Don't be unhappy however if the banknote in your collection bares a Shipov signature.
Here again there are 13 different signatures of a cashier (n°4).

different cashier's signatures
The back side of the banknote is as well worth taking a closer look :
Krause N°9 back
This is only the smallest denomination of the 1905 set.
All further notes in this set are bigger, and more impressive than this, already beautiful note.

to be continued...

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