Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Banknotes of Russia 06

The second last note from the Russian series 1905-1912, is a 100 rubles note.
An impressive note, not from the size yet alone.

The front side is in the style of the other notes of this set.

100 ruble note Russia 1910 - N°13
On the left hand side, we see the date 1910 (n°1)
All notes have a full serial number (n°2) and two signatures (n°4 and 5)
The first signature can be Konshin or Shipov, where the first signature is the most valuable.
The signature of the cashier (n°5) can vary.
signature of Konshin and Shipov
two different cashiers' signatures
On the right upper corner, there's the monogram of Czar Nicholas II (n°3).

Monogram of Czar Nicholas II
In the white part on the left side, there is a watermark of Catharine (the Great) II (1762-96).
On the back side of this note, we see an even more impressive design.
Here we find an engraved portrait of Catharine the Great.
engraved portrait of Catharine the Great
Next to the Empress, an young boy soldier is depicted. With one hand on the heart and one holding a sword, the seems to tell the bearer of the note, that he's willing to give his life for the Empress.

boy soldier
On the other side of the Empress, a bit less obvious, is her monogram.
As you will observe, the monogram shows an E and not a C or K for Catharine.
And even Catharine was not her given name when she was born. She actually was born as Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg. She was married the Peter III, the Russian Emperor.
After Peter III was assassinated, she took over power.
Because of the emperial marriage, she changed her name to Yekaterina Alexeyevna. But as you see, the monogram also doesn't show a Y ... The E comes from the Russian translation of her name : Екатерина Алексеевна.

Monogram of Yekaterina (Екатерина) the Great

back side of 100 ruble Russia 1910 - N°13
This massive note (258 x 121 mm) is not too expensive to have in your collection, but almost always it's a folded version. As even for large wallets, the note is way to large to be kept unfolded.
And this is not even the largest note in this set!

to be continued...

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