Monday, December 14, 2015

Banknotes of Russia 04

The 10 rubles note of the 1905-1912 set, is another colourful note.
It was issued in 1909 only and comes with 3 State Bank Directors' signatures.
Russia N°11 - 10 rubles
date of issue 1909
The note has a full serial number (common for all original issues).
full serial number on N°11
The value of the note depends once more on the signature of the State Bank Director.
Where the oldest note, again, has the highest value .
3 possible signatures on N° 11 - 10 rubles
Besides the first signature, a large variety of cashiers' signatures can be found too.
signature of the cashier
Each of the 1909 issued notes has also a watermark. This is each time the value of the note in numbers.
For this issue, the number '10' is watermarked all over the note.

The back side of the note looks more like a colourful Persian carpet.
If a jigg saw puzzle was made out of this design, it would take days to complete the puzzle again.
Not only because of the beautiful colours and ornaments, but as well for the cyrillic text.
back side of N°11 - Russia 10 rubles

to be continued...

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