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Theme : Zodiac signs 11l

12/12 Year of the Rat (2008)

My first, my last, my everything ...

The Rat is the first animal in the zodiac cycle.
But since the special sheets started in 1997, we started this set of articles with the second animal.

The first animal on the last sheet, and maybe the most spectacular one of them all...

2008 sheet - Year of the Rat
The corners of the sheet are cut in a special way, following the decoration on the sheet.

corner of the sheet
embossed decoration
In this sheet, the stamp is not a rectangle, but in the shape of a barrel.

one decoration and one stamp
twice an embossed rat
stamp in the shape of a barrel
Almost the whole sheet is embossed, the rats (both on stamp and decoration), but also all other animal of the zodiac cycle, that are placed around the stamp of the rat.
The decoration (corner and outline) are also embossed.

nearly complete embossed sheet

embossed animals, barrel shaped stamp
Finally, as seen previously on other sheets, also this sheet has a label with the bar code, attached to the side of the sheet.
tab with bar code
The Rat type is very sociable. Such people are full of charm and vivacity, and love being surrounded by people. In case of something not goes like planed they are able to quickly assess both the hindrances and the new chances, and while others are wondering how to react and what to do, these people have already seen and taken advantage of the opportunity that lies there. They are usually strong-willed and ambitious. On the other hand they should be careful not to force their ideas on other people. Generally these people enjoy all forms of social interaction, and no party is complete without their lively wit and humor.  

Some Famous Rats: Louis Armstrong, Shirley Bassey, Marlon Brando, Doris Day, Clark Gable, Hugh Grant, Charlton Heston, Gene Kelly, Glenda Jackson, Kris Kristofferson, Gary Lineker, Sean Penn, Burt Reynolds, Olivia Newton-John, Tommy Steele, Donna Summer, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Kim Wilde.

Years of the Rat : 1912 - 1924 - 1936 - 1948 - 1960 - 1972 - 1984 - 1996 - 2008 - 2020 - 2032

After this sign, we go back to the Ox

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