Thursday, October 4, 2012

Odd stamps : 06 f Stamps on cotton / silk

Italy is the country of fashion and style, no doubt about that.
A famous name is Arnaldo Caprai, maybe not a name that will ring a bell with everyone, but surely a name to remember.

Arnaldo Caprai
Caprai was born in Turin in 1933. His father was a railroad worker and his mother a houswife, deeply involved in social acitivities.
At the age of 22, after having various jobs, he started selling household linnen in Central Italy.
Five decades later, he has build an enormous collection of over 24.000 pieces of textile, and this is considered as being the largest private textile collecion in the world!

wedding dress from Caprai's collection
In 2004 Poste Italiane (the Italian Postal service) together with Arnaldo Caprai produced a letter stamp to honour lace. It is aan auto adhesive stamp made with machine-embroidery.

Unused stamp on glossy paper background

Embroided stamp of Italy 2004

The stamp bares the initals of Caprai (A C) at the right bottom.
Postally used stamps are rare, and if anyone has such a cancelled stamp in double, let me know :-)

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