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Theme : Zodiac signs 11a

The sheets I'm going to present you in the next series, is about the Chinese zodiac signs.
It's a set of 12 sheets, that were issued by Canadian post between 1997 and 2008.
The sheets and stamps could as well have been listed under 'odd shaped stamps', 'odd shaped sheets', or even 'embossed stamps' (a set of articles that will be posted in the future.

But, as the main topic of these sheets is the zodiac signs, I have listed them here.

I can tell you now that the first set (Ox and Tiger) are already spectacular, and it will only get better ...

1/12 Year of the Ox (1997)

The first sheet was issued in 1997.
2009 was also a year of the Ox, but the stamps issued in 2009 are not part of this special series.

1997 Canada : year of the Ox
The sheet is shaped as a fan, but the 2 stamps are regular stamps.

1997 stamp : year of the Ox

The Ox is second of twelve Chinese astrological signs.
(This set started with the Ox)
Chinese astrological signs follow the same twelve year cycle, and thus the Year of the Ox occurs every dozen years.

The sign, when compared with Western astrology, is roughly equivolent to Capricorn.
People born under this sign are hardworking, caring and, like their animal counterpart, obstinate and sturdy.
Security is key for Ox-born people, and they make great efforts to ensure their environments are safe and stable.
They aren't massive risk-takers, and prefer working through an issue rather than making quick decisions.
When that is translated to the yearly cycle, Ox years tend to be ones in which people seek stability above all else.

Financial security is important in Ox years, as is hard work and tenacity. 2009 is the year to sow the seeds for future success and prosperity.
The year is likely to end far more volatile than it began, as the Chinese horoscope cycle prepares to move into Tiger.

Several famous people are born in the year of the Ox, US President Barack Obama. George Clooney, Richard Gere, Merryl Streep, Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana are also born under this sign.
Though Ox aren't known for their skills in the arts, some of the most famous names in the art work, including Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso are born under this sign.
Oxen are known to be stubborn and bull-headed, and many notorious people are born in these years. Most notably, Napolean Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

Years of the Ox : 1901 - 1913 - 1925 - 1937 - 1949 - 1961 - 1973 - 1985 - 1997 - 2009 - 2021

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