Saturday, August 18, 2012

Odd stamps : 08 Stamps with special cuts - 01 f

I was nicely surprised by a wonderful set of Malaysian stamps showing coins of Malaysia.
Coins on stamps is a topic that is quite popular among stampcollectors. Also coin collectors sometimes have a small stamp collection with coins on stamps.

For me, this post is extra special, as the stamps are 'round' stamps, so they fit into my collection of 'odd stamps'.

In this set, 3 coins are depicted. There are 6 stamps, two for each coin.
One stamp is showing the front side of the coin, the other stamp shows the back side.

First coin (KM#51) is a 10 sen coin, issued from 1989 on.
On the back a ceremonial table is shown.

10 sen coin (KM# 51) on stamp
The second coin is a 20 sen coin (KM#52) -
The front shows the value, the back shows a basket, containing food and utensils.

20 sen coin (KM#52) on stamp
The third and last stamp, shows a 50 sen coin (KM#53), on the front we see another flower,
the back shows a ceremonial kite.

50 sen coin (KM#53) on stamp

This set of stamps was issued in 2009.
It was followed by another set of coins on stamps, but I tell more about them in my next post.



do you want these stamps Manuel? said...

hi hello,

all stamps I post, are in my collection (unless i mention otherwise); but i do like to have them postally used if possible.


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you can always send them to me, my post address is on top of the blog


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