Saturday, August 18, 2012

Odd stamps : 03c 3D stamps (moving)

Once in a while, I get new material for previously posted items.
Today, I 'm happy to show you another 3D sheetlet.
It was issued in Malaysia in 2011, to promote and show the Excellence of Underground Engineering.

The issue commemorates the Kuala Lumpur SMART Tunnel construction
As Malaysia suffered in the past from many floodings, a solution was sought to keep traffic going on.
Tunnels used to flood, roads as well.
A special tunnel was designed and constructed between 2003 and 2007.
It is called the 'SMART' tunnel : Storm Management And Road Tunnel. (smart, isn't it?)

entrance of the SMART tunnel

The purpose of this tunnel is to keep traffic going on under normal conditions even with small floodings of the city. The tunnel is designed to divert the floodwater.

There are 3 modi in which the tunnel can be used :

1st modus: normal conditions, no storms, traffic can use the tunnel, no water is diverted
2nd modus: small storms and flooding, water is diverted, but cars can still use the tunnel
3rd modus: heavy storms and floodings, all water is diverted, cars can't use the tunnel, until 48 hours after the tunnel is cleared again.

Only few weeks after opening the SMART tunnel, modus 3 was already activated!

testing the tunnel in modus 3 - diverting the water
Now back to the stamps...
A sheetlet of 6 stamps were issued, as well as 2 auto-adhesive 3D stamps.
I only have the 3D stamps so far, but in order to show the images that appear when moving the 3D stamps, I'll show a picture of the regular stamsp, as those images are easier to post.

3D sheet - 2RM and 3RM auto-adhesive stamps

1st 3D stamp (2RM)
 Following images can be seen on the first 3D stamp :

construction of the SMART Tunnel
construction of the SMART Tunnel

2nd 3D stamp (3RM)
breakthrough of the tunnel
Sceme and tunnel in full operation



when do you want these stamps? said...


I have the 3D stamps already.
All stamps in my blog are in my collection.
I still look for the normal (not 3D) stamps.


Ok you will get the normal stamps from me.Please put comments on the normal stamps.