Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Odd stamps : 07 e Stamps (sheets) with special cuts

In the last few years, the number of 'odd stamps and odd sheets' is increasing.
Whoever starts collecting nowadays, might think that 'oddness' is the general rule.
Each country must have it's odd stamp or sheet at least once a year.

Well recently I was sent a beautiful sheet from Indonesia, and this from my Filippina friend.
Of course I can't resist in posting it here in my blog for you.

the leaf shaped sheet, can be taken out of a rectangled sheet
On the sheet, we find 2 stamps.
The first one shows the "Leptophryne cruentata" better known as the 'bleeding toad' or the 'fire toad'. It's an critically endangered toad that can be found on the Malay peninsula and suthern Thailand.
Due to the eruption of the Mount Galunggung in West-Java (Indonesia) in 1982, this toad is critically endangered.

Bleeding Toad or Fire Toad
The second stamp, shows the "Nymphoides indica", also known as the White Water Fringe or the Water Snowflake.
Bleeding Toad or Fire Toad and the White Water Fringe or Water Snowflake
This waterplant thanks its name to its resemblance to the water lily (Nimphaea) and is therefore called "Nymphoides".

The sheet was only issued 40,000 times, and bares a number on the sheet.

Although this sheet is rare, please bare in mind that that the animal depicted is in higher need of conservation then any of the above stamps.
Hopefully issues like this will draw the attention on the need of wildlife conservation.

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