Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Banknotes : Security marks 2c (part 1)

Now we 'll have a closer look to some of the banknotes posted in the previous article...
We can determinate the country already by the first letter proceeding the serial number.

But there is more...

There is a second code on each banknote, and that's referring to the place the note was printed.

(Bank of England Printing Works) (Loughton) (UK) (A)
not in use --- --- (B)
(AB Tumba Bruk) (Tumba) (Sweden) (C)
Setec Oy - Vantaa - Finland Vantaa Finland D
F. C. Oberthur Chantepie France E
Österreichische Banknoten und Sicherheitsdruck Vienna Austria F
Joh. Enschedé Haarlem The Netherlands G
Thomas de la Rue Gateshead UK Gateshead UK H
not in use --- --- (I)
Banca d'Italia  Rome Italy J
Central Bank of Ireland  Dublin Ireland K
Banque de France  Chamalières  France L
Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre  Madrid Spain M
Bank of Greece  Athens  Greece N
not in use --- --- (O)
Giesecke & Devrient München & Leipzig  Gemany P
not in use --- --- (Q)
Bundesdruckerei  Berlin Gemany R
(Danmarks Nationalbank)   (Kopenhagen) (Denmark) (S)
Nationale Bank van België  Brussels  Belgium T
Valora   Carregado Portugal U

1 : T019G1 : Printed in Belgium
2 : M025F1 : Printed in Spain
3 : N006D5 : Printed in Greece
4: P016D1 : Printed in Germany

5 : J024H1 : ¨Printed in Italy
6 :   G007B6 :  Printed in The Netherlands

7 : L043H2 : printed in France
8 : L053C3 : printed in France
9 : F014E4 : printed in Austria
10 : E 005B3 : printed in France (Chantepie)

11 : L029H2 : Printed in France
12 : L027J2 : Printed in France
13 : L029J4 : Printed in France
14 : P011F2 : Printed in Germany

It sounds logic, that the letter before the serial number (see previous post) should correspond with the letter before the printing code.
i.e. a Belgian banknote (serial number starts with a Z) should have a printing code starting with a T.
However, some smaller countries (Luxemburg) does not print their own banknotes.
In case they would do, they might ask other countries (like Belgium or France) to print the banknotes for them.

to be continued ...

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