Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Theme : Zodiac signs 09

I think everyone who collects stamps, knows the feeling of having too many big or smal boxes, books, binders, ... with several stamps of which you don't konw right away what to do with them.
I have plenty of those boxes and folders at home, that's a fact.

Every time you reorganise your stuff, those things move to another place, and "one day" you'll find a place to store them.
Putting such a stack of pages from one shelf to another one, made me discover a sheet that I had since a long time.

Big was my surprise that I could use it right away for my theme collection.

The sheet I found is from Mongolia.
Most people know the stamps of Mongolia because we all have encountered the CTO stamps that are widely spread.
Having Mongolian MNH stamps is not so obvious, especially not from the 1970's and 80's.

Mongolia Mi 736-47 - 1972

The stamps are dedicated to the discovery of space, and the zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar are added to each of the 12 stamps.
In the border of the sheetlet, also the symbols for each sign are given.

All signs together - from Mongolia Mi 736-47
If you have one or only some of those stamps in your collection you would probably not have known they represent all signs of the chinese zodiac. But 'finding' a sheet like this one, made me discover it.

Off you go now... on tresor hunt!



there is a sheet like this From Indonesia.

Rainbow Stamps And Coins said...

hi, thanks for letting me know.
I will have a look if I can find it, and then I can post it here too.