Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Odd stamps : 06 b Stamps on cotton / silk

In this topic, I showed earlier some french stamps printed on cotton.
This new item is similar and yet it's not.
It's printed on cotton also, as that is why I post it under this title, but it doesn't feel the same as the french ones.

The french stamps feel actually like a soft paper, almost like a paper tissue.
My new item for today, is really a 'thick' stamp (+/- 1 mm).
It doesn't feel as a stamp at all actually.
As I used to be a boyscouts long time ago, every year we got cotton labels to sew on our uniforms.
So we showed off how many years we were in scouting already, and each label reminded us of the theme the national scouting movement was working on that specific year.

In a way the stamp could be used in a similar way.
Not for boy scouts, but for football players.
This brazilian stamp shows a football player, and is issued to commemorate the centenary of the 'Corinthians'.

front side of the 'stamp'

back side of the auto adhesive stamp

It was issued in 2010, and it was hard to get a copy.
It's MNH, and i doubt if there are many 'postally used' copies.
But I would be mostly interested in such a used stamp.

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