Thursday, January 12, 2012

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For those who follow this blog since long time, but also for those who just joined, a new post on the topic of "zodiac signs".

I came along the stamps rather accidentally.
As I bought some used Libanese stamps lately on a fair.
When I came home and sorted them out, i found a colourful set.
Looking in the catalogue, I found out that it was a 1957 set on 'communication'.
The set of 9 values has 2 different designs.

On the last 4 stamps in this set, a high voltage device is shown.

But on the first 5 (lower) values, I found something that isn't really related to 'communication'...

5 lower values with zodiac signs

Let's have a closer look at the centre of the stamps :
The cedar in the centre shows us that it's a Lebanese stamp, that's for sure. Well we could have discovered that by looking at the land's name on the stamp too of course.
However, around that cedar tree, all zodiac signs are shown.

12 zodiac sign around the Lebanese Cedar Tree

The higher values have another design...

35p, 50p, 65p and 100p design

The complete set can be found under : Michel 611 - 19 (1957)

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