Monday, January 30, 2012

Odd stamps : 03b 3D stamps (moving)

While I'm waiting for a letter from Finland, to redirect to Asia, I received from a Malaysian friend... stamps from Finland...
How stampcollecting makes the world smaller...

But thanks to this letterswaps, I can present you today something special.
It's been a long time since I posted some 3D items, but in this post I can spoil you all with amazing 3D stamps.
Even more... this time the whole sheet is 3D and moving.

The first item is not from Finland, but from North Korea.
It might not be the most popular country for stamp collectors, but the following sheet is really worth looking at, and an amazing asset for collectors of odd stamps, theme collectors (animals)

North Korea full 3D sheet

3D stamp from sheet (60x24mm)

And as second 3D sheet, the post I just got from my Malaysian friend.
A large 3D sheet on wintersports in Finland.

It's not easy to scan 3D stamps or sheets and show the effect of the 3D.

full 3D sheet Finland (225x114 mm)
The stamp in the top right corner is the most interesting.
A snowboarder is jumping from above the stamp, flies diagonally trough the stamp,
goes to the middle of the sheet and lands in the snow, from there he dissapears downwards.

detail 3D sheet Finland
I added a line to show the movement of the snowboarder.
You can see the snowboarder clearly in the stamp, and slightly further on the sheet.

The other stamps are moving skiers.

3D Finland (detail)

Truly an amazing sheet, issued January 24, 2008 by the Finnish Post.

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where did you get this Finland 3D sheet from?