Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Theme : Volkswagen Beetle - 17

Lybia was in the news,  so why not an article about Lybian stamps...

Lybian stamps didn't always bare the name 'Lybia', but often also L.A.R.  which stands for Lybian Arabic Republic.
I'm not specificly collecting Lybian stamps, but sometimes my eye catches an item that I can't miss, especially if it fits into my theme collection.

Actually the stamp I'm showing now, is not the most important part of this item. At least not for me.
It's a sheetlet but the border frame is more of my intrest.
Let me show you why.

Lybia sheet UPU 1974

As you can see in the border, a postal vehicle is depicted.
And hurray, it's a Volkswagen beetle !

Detail sheet Lybia 1974
On the stamp, the logo of the UPU is shown.
This sheetlet was issued in 1974, to celebrate the centennial of that UPU.
It's a nice tribute to the UPU, and a great way to promote the Beelte too.

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