Thursday, May 16, 2013

Odd stamps : 01c Perfumed stamps

One of my first postings on odd stamps, was dedicated to perfumed stamps.

Not many countries issue this kinds of stamps, but luckily, Belgium continued this good tradition.
And what flavour is best to add to belgian stamps... of course chocolate!

The chocolate is almost dripping off of the sheet, and a strong chocolate perfume makes you almost bite into the sheet.

We see on the sheet different kinds of presentations of chocolate: sprinkles, solid blocs of chocolate, pralines, chocolate spread and a regular chocolate bar.

The small globe on the stamps shows that the stamp is not intended for use within Belgium or even within Europe.

The sheet contains 5 stamps for sending standard letters from Belgium to any country outside Europe.
Knowing that the rate (anno 2013) for one 'world' stamp is € 1,34. (€ 1,24 if bought per 5 minimum); the sheet itself costs € 6.20 each (+/- $ 8)

As the sheet doesn't fit into an standard (small) sized envelope... It costs 3 of those stamps to send it abroad. (+ € 3.72 ($ 4.80))

Belgian chocolate is delicious, but at those rates, you have already half a kilo of real belgian pralines...

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