Thursday, May 9, 2013

Banknotes : Security marks 3b

On the back side of the new 5 euro notes, we find some new items:

We see a new type of serial number with two letters and 10 numbers (in stead of 1 letter and 11 numbers).

old (top) and new (bottom) 5 euro note
Belgian serial numbers (check code 9) jump 9 numbers each time
For the first time, we see a part of the searial number is repeated on the note.
The last 6 digits of the serial number are reprinted vertically on the note.

part of the serial number is repeated on the note

Since the European Union is expanding, new countries and languages are introduced.
Bulgaria is using the cyrillic alphabet, and therefore, "EBPO" (the bulgarian way to say EURO) is added on the notes.
3 ways to write "Euro"

A security feature that was used in the first series, and that is repeated in this set, is a gold print on the back of the note.
The number 5 and the Euro symbol (€) is visible when you hold the note on it's side.

 5 € 5 € 5 €
The other banknotes will be renewed in the future too...

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