Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Banknotes : Security marks 3a

Le beaujolais nouveau est arrivé...
Wine lovers will know this expression, when the new beaujolais wine is introduced every year.

I'm not going to talk about wine however, but about the new '5 euro' banknote, and it's security features.

I had to take a picture from the internet, as it's impossible to scan the banknotes I have.
(Of course that's the purpose of the security features, that scanning becomes impossible).

the new 5 euro note

First thing we notice is the silvery stripe (1) on the right hand side of the note.

We see the head of the Greek godess Europa, and holding the banknote in the light, the same head apprears as watermark.

watermark (Europa) in detail
Secondly, the code that refers to the printing company (2), is now clearly visible next to the silvery stripe on the right hand side of the note

A third (3) new thing, is the colour shifting 5
Previously only € 50 notes and higher, got a colour shift ink. Now this feature is also used for the 5 euro note.

colour shift in the 5
The ink on both ends of the note's front side palpable and will help blind and impaired people to recognise the notes better (see 4). Also the large "5" on the front side of the note, is printed in the same way, and is palpable.

detail of the 5 euro note
For the first time, a year (2013) is printed on the notes (5).
We also notice more abbreviations then before on the note. Bulgarian and Czech is added. (6)

Finally, (7) the signature of M. Draghi, gouvernor of the European Central Bank has been put under the European flag.

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