Saturday, June 15, 2013

Odd Banknotes - 07 Thailand

Once more, for my collection of odd banknotes, I will take you to Thailand.

In 2004, Queen Sirikit celebrated her 72nd birthday.
Counting in 'cycles' of 12 years, this means the 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary.

The banknote that was issued for that occasion, is in fact a banknote with 2 front sides.
At first, I even thought that 2 different banknotes were issued.

Side 1 shows the royal couple, King Rama IX is standing and his wife, Queen Sirikit is sitting next to the king.

Side 2 shows the queen alone, with scenes from her life.

side 1
side 2
Thai people honour the royal family very much.
Also the banknote design has been well overthought.
For example, the size of the note is 72 x 162 mm.
It's the queen's 72th anniversary and 1+6+2 = 9 fererring to King Rama IX.
The serial numbers on the banknote start at 0000001 and end in 7299999.
Again we see the 72 and the number 9.

Mark the serial number, it starts also with a '9' : typical for the commemorative notes issued under King Rama 9.
young Queen Sirikit of Thailand

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