Monday, February 25, 2013

Odd stamps : 05 d Stamps in braille

After Belgium and Brazil, we go to Sweden for our next stamp (sheet) on odd stamps.
We saw already some fine examples of stamps with braille print.
The sheet I'm presenting today was issued in 2009.

full sheet - Sweden 2009
On top of the sheet, we see the alphabet, writtin both in latin letters as in braille.
In the Swedish writing system, also the letters å, ä and ö are used.

detail with å, ä and 
The sheet shows us two almost identical stamps, both with the same text in braille.
One stamp is in hot pink colour, the other one more bluish pink.

two, almost identical stamps
The text on the stamps is written in braille and in Swedish: "Se med andra ögon" (see with other eyes).

also the word : Brev (letter) is written

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