Sunday, February 24, 2013

Currency Today : Bangladesh 02

We continue our collection of Bengali notes, with the 20 taka-note.

I received 2 different notes, but as far as the website of the Bangladesh Bank concerns, there's only one note.
However, the first note (and the one on the website) is monochorme green.

The second version of the note, varies from yellow to green, and the decoration on the right hand side, is red.

On the back side, the differences are less clear, but still you see a more yellowis.
Both notes are for the rest identical (year, signature, topic).

reverse - Shat Gombuz Maszid of Bagerhat district
reverse (2) - Shat Gombuz Maszid of Bagerhat district
This notes, shows the Shat Gombuz Maszid (the Mosque with Sixty Domes) of Bagerhat district.
This mosque is the largest in Bangladesh build in the sultanat period. It is said to be the most impressive Muslim monument of the whole Indian subcontinent.
the Mosque with Sixty Domes

the Mosque with Sixty Domes

The same monument can be found on this set of Bangladesh stamps :

As an extra, when I was having a closer look at the banknotes of 20 taka, I found this rather spooky creature on the front.
I guess it was just ment as an ornament, but while examinating it, I found it also on the 10 taka note.
For those who have the banknotes ... find the spooky decoration ...

spooky 10
spooky 20

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