Sunday, February 24, 2013

Currency Today : Bangladesh 01

For my next item on banknotes, I got a set of notes from my contact in Bangladesh.

The new series of banknotes are very nice.
We start the set with the 2 taka note.
The 1 taka note existed too, but is replaced by a coin.
On the 1 taka note, the coin was depicted.
The 1 and 2 taka notes are actually issued by the Ministry of Finance and not by the National Bank.
In fact they are mint notes, not banknotes.

Although the 2 taka note is still in use, it soon will be replaced by coins too.

The older 2 taka notes had the national bird : Doyel (or Oriental Magpie Robin) on the front.

2010 2 Taka note
The new notes show Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; Bengali politician and founder of Bangladesh.
He was also the first president and later became Prime Minister.
He can be found on all further notes.

On the back side of the 2 taka note, you will see the Shaheed Minar, a national monument, erected to commemorate those who died during the Bengali Language Movement Demonstrations in 1952.

2 taka note (front)
2 taka note (back)

The second note, and the first 'bank' note, issued by the Bangladesh Bank, is a 5 taka -note.
From here on, all notes have the same front (obverse) style.
The back (reverse) side is more interesting for us.

Reverse - Photograph of the Kusumba Mosque of Naogaon.

The next note, 10 taka, is a very modest picture of the National Mosque.
The lines are very straight. But the note is still beautiful, thanks to the vibrant violet colour.

Reverse - Photographs of the National Mosque
On each note, you will see also the National Monument. it's printed in the colours of the individual banknotes, and can be found in the middle of the front side of each note.

National Monument (here on the 10 taka note)

more notes in my next post...


Butterflypostcard Stamp said...

yes the country itself is spooky.Do you dare to go to this country? said...

I don't know if the country is spooky. But the design might be spooky.

Gabrielle Phillips said...

are the above notes worth any more than normal x said...

Dear Gabrielle, those notes aren't worth mor then the normal ones, as they are the normal ones :)