Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Odd Banknotes - 01 Thailand

After some post on 'odd stamps' I realised that I also have 'odd banknotes'...
Of course there won't be banknotes on cloth, wood, or in 3D ... but still.
In the next posts on 'odd banknotes' I'll show you some of the oddest items in my collection.

How can a banknote be 'odd'.
There 's a chance the material isn't that common.
Normally paper is used, and some countries have polymere banknotes.
The first polymere banknote was 'odd' for sure, but nowadays, it has become rather 'normal'.

So another way to express oddness is in the size, the value, ...

I start with a 'double odd' note :

First of all this banknote is not rectangular but square.
It's a 159 x 159 mm note.  (= 252.81 cm²)
Secondly the banknote has an unusual face value of 60 baht.

60 baht - front side

On the front : The portait of King Rama IX in the uniform of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, wearing a ceremonial robe, the Pudtan Kanchanasinghas Ceremonial Thone.

detail of the front side of the banknote
60 baht is a rather unusual face value on a note

Back side of the note : Their Majesties the King and Queen, H.R.H Crown Princess Maha Vajiralongkorn, H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and H.R.H. Princess Chulabhorn surround by their subjects.

Back side of the 60 baht note.

This banknote was issued on December 8, 1987, at the occasion of the 60th birthday of the King.

I could not find out how many notes were issued.
The catalogue doesn't mention any amount and also that thai national bank doesn't say how many copies were printed.

In addition to the 60 baht face value, a 40 baht surcharge was charged for social works.
The note however is still sold in Thailand, but for a higher price then 100 baht.

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