Saturday, March 31, 2012

Odd stamps : 06 d Stamps on cotton / silk

I knew about the following stamp already, but as usual the hardest thing about it, is to find it.
Especially since it's a 'stamp' from Micronesia.
That's a state not next to my door, and I guess to no ones door at all.

Micronesia is a relatively new country when it comes to stamps.
And they are doing anything to get into the attention of the collectors.

As for my theme collection on 'odd stamps' this big stamp (51 by 68 mm) is the highlight of this month for sure.

Micronesia : Year of the Dragon
The stamp is completely made out of embroidery and is 2 mm thick.
I doubt if this 'stamp' will ever appear on a letter, view the high face value of $ 8.
When you peel off the paper foil at the back, you'll notice that the stamp is auto adhesive

side view of the 'stamp' 2 mm thick
If this is not one of the weirdest stamps in my collection, for sure it's the softest stamp I have.

More to follow

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